Is there anybody out there?

A quick one:

If anyone is actually reading any of these (and I wouldn’t blame you if you weren’t) could you like my Facebook page?  I know it sounds like some sort of desperate scam or scramble for likes, but it would be nice to know that people are actually out there.  A sort of ‘nod if you can hear me’ for the digital age.

At the time of writing I have six ‘likes’ for .  Surely we can push that up to seven.  Come on, internet!

I get the feeling that the ‘views’ I’ve had  so far may have just been people quickly passing through by accident.

If you’re feeling particularly bold, a comment would be even better.

I can promise you this much; if I know people are reading I will try to raise the standard.  Please focus on the ‘try’ rather than the ‘will’ in that sentence.


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