The proofs is in the pudding

I ordered some more proofs, again with known issues.  While quickly checking the digital proof for widows and orphans, I noticed a sentence with no full stop at the end.

I ordered anyway, because I thought it was a minor issue and there would almost certainly be others.  And lo!  I’ve come across a few more today.  I’ve been through that thing with a fine-tooth comb and yet still they come.  The Typos.  The Bloody Typos.

The margins was a big deal.  I think I had a brain-out there.  This time I knew what I was doing.

I’m going to have to read the whole thing again once the proofs arrive (not too much of a chore because it’s go gripping and exciting.  Don’t just take my word for it, pre-order your own copy today!)  I’ll have to  make notes and whatnot.

Also, I decided to blow out Smashwords.  I tried to read the Smashwords Style Guide and, through swirling clouds of hate, thought better of it.  I’m going to stick with Amazon, the place where most people buy their books anyway.  It’s a bigger market and much, much easier to submit to (in every sense).  Hard to justify the effort with Smashwords, given the scraps you might pick up there.

Unless anyone can advise me otherwise?


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