Free at last

This where we be at.

I did a five day free KDP Select promotion of Ephialtes last week with some additional paid promotion of the promotion over two of the days. Happily, that lead to 1,818 downloads and a good few hours at the number one spot on Amazon’s Free Space Opera Science Fiction and Free Military Science Fiction charts. Up to last week total downloads for the first six months of release were less than 250, so I’m very pleased with how that all worked out.

Today I’ve let Ephialtes’  KDP Select membership lapse. That means no more free days and no more Kindle Unlimited availability, though the book is still available for purchase through Amazon. The upside is that now I’m free of the KDP Select exclusivity agreement I’m able to publish with Smashwords and their distribution partners.

Ephialtes is now available through Smashwords for free. In the next few days it should start popping up on other outlets – Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Overdrive and others. It will be free through these channels, too.

Exciting, huh?

Number 1


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