A Bigger Pile of Paper



I finished the first draft of ****** ****** Ephialtes Part II, yesterday.  There’s a huge amount of work left to do.  Aside from all the editing and proofing there are two sequences missing.  One, because I wasn’t sure how to do it, and the other because I’m not sure where it fits in.  I may end up cutting the first one, but the second concludes a subplot carried over from the first book, so it has to go in somewhere.

I experienced some ground-rush as I got toward the end.  As I got closer to the finish it seemed to be getting closer to me.  I was expecting it to top out at somewhere around the two hundred and fifty thousand word mark, but it’s actually just a little over two hundred thousand (Ephialtes was a hundred and sixty thousand).  It might get bigger or smaller in the editing process.

So that’s that for now.  For the next month I’ll try to forget it exists.  It’ll be nice getting away from those people for a bit.  I mean, they’re nice enough (for the most part) but, oy, always with the drama.


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