Day of the blog

As you may be aware, I’m trying to drum up interest in my book.  To do that, I have to go against the grain and try to drum up interest in myself.  That’s what I’ doing here.

I’m going to try to break my recently set daily record of fourteen visitors.  The day of that record  was coincident with my largest number of posts per day, so I’m going to go post-crazy today to see if that has an effect.

Desperate?  You betcha.

But what the jiminy, here goes nothing.

Stand by for more . . .

Parker out.


Is there anybody out there?

A quick one:

If anyone is actually reading any of these (and I wouldn’t blame you if you weren’t) could you like my Facebook page?  I know it sounds like some sort of desperate scam or scramble for likes, but it would be nice to know that people are actually out there.  A sort of ‘nod if you can hear me’ for the digital age.

At the time of writing I have six ‘likes’ for .  Surely we can push that up to seven.  Come on, internet!

I get the feeling that the ‘views’ I’ve had  so far may have just been people quickly passing through by accident.

If you’re feeling particularly bold, a comment would be even better.

I can promise you this much; if I know people are reading I will try to raise the standard.  Please focus on the ‘try’ rather than the ‘will’ in that sentence.

Sleepy town

I’m just about to go to bed.  Tiring day of formatting Ephialtes for CreateSpace.  Had planned to write a bigger piece about the burgeoning fan-base – three people ended up here, one way or another, yesterday – but ran out of time.

Should be in a position to order a proof of Ephialtes tomorrow.  Imagine that!  An actual book with pages and a cover and everything.

Assuming those three people haven’t evaporated into the interwebs (they have, of course) I’d just like to say thanks for sticking around.  I should have a bit more time tomorrow blather about nothing in the hope of gaining attention.  For now, I’m off to sleepy town.