Mightier Than the Sword

I’ve always liked stationery, but I much prefer convenience.  The modern age affords us the ability to tinker away on our texts with next to no cost, until we’ve chiselled our lunk-headed thoughts into beautifully constructed prose.  All the extraneous words, punctuation and formatting lie around the base of the finished work, chipped away as we sculpted – well, maybe not David, but at least a very nice email to HR. Continue reading


Minor Detox

Detoxing is one of those nonsense things that air-headed celebs get into now and then, isn’t it?  Cutting out some important food group and feeling just fabulous because of it.  What about digital detox?  Just an excuse for one of those lifestyle columns where a ‘busy mum’ (for which you can read ‘metro journalist’) bans phones and tablets for a week.  At first she’s hilariously panicky, but by the end of the week she’s bonded with the kids and baked a cake.  Hey, why don’t we all just put our phones down and take a few minutes to talk to each other?  There’s a beautiful world out there, and it’s slipping past you one tweet at a time. Continue reading