What are you reading?

Weird thing: reading a book once it’s book-shaped is different to reading it as a manuscript. Why? No idea, but it certainly seems to be true.

I’ve spent some time today reading a paperback proof of Ephialtes. Despite the strong story, great writing and terrific characters, I had become weary of reading through it in draft form. But now it’s book-shaped, it’s like reading it for the first time.

What does that mean for ebooks? Again, no idea. They aren’t particular booky, but seem to do okay. I guess it means there is something you don’t quite get from that experience that you do from reading a physical book.

This seems a shame to me, because CreateSpace have a minimum price for physical books they produce, based on size and length. In the case of Ephialtes, that minimum price is seventeen dollars (roughly eleven pounds), which is prohibitively steep for a paperback by an unknown author. It’s too bad, because as I’ve been discovering, the essential ‘booky’-ness adds to the reading experience.

I’d love to be able to get the price of the paperback version down to something realistic, as it’s my preferred version. I recommend this to you: if, come September, you download and enjoy the ebook of Ephialtes, treat yourself to a copy of the paperback.

Go on. You’re worth it.


Sleepy town

I’m just about to go to bed.  Tiring day of formatting Ephialtes for CreateSpace.  Had planned to write a bigger piece about the burgeoning fan-base – three people ended up here, one way or another, yesterday – but ran out of time.

Should be in a position to order a proof of Ephialtes tomorrow.  Imagine that!  An actual book with pages and a cover and everything.

Assuming those three people haven’t evaporated into the interwebs (they have, of course) I’d just like to say thanks for sticking around.  I should have a bit more time tomorrow blather about nothing in the hope of gaining attention.  For now, I’m off to sleepy town.