Where’ve you been?

Where have I been? Where have you been?

Truth is that I got a little bored with writing for an audience of approximately no one (I know, I know; I’m getting into self-publishing, I should get used to it).

I wondered what would happen if I left it alone for a week or so. And that got me thinking: maybe I should stop writing the blog for a while, too.

What happened was this: zip. No people stumbling across old posts, delighted at what they found. No new ‘followers,’ no ‘likes.’

So here’s a new experiment – what happens if you don’t blog for a week, and then you do?

I can hardly wait to find out, but I think I have a pretty good guess.


Still no comment

Just another quick one:

It’s coming up for two weeks, and still no one has commented on any of my posts. Now, I realise that no one is reading my posts, but is that really any excuse? I mean, ask yourselves; really?

I have a couple of followers now who, I presume like me, have just followed a few random people in the hope of getting followed back. When they get a notification, ‘Gavin E Parker has done a blog-poo. Again,’ they probably pay as much attention as I do when I get one for them.

I guess what I’m saying is that the followers aren’t following, in any meaningful sense, and the ‘views’ I get (suspiciously, they come very soon after new posts, and according to WordPress statistics are from search engine referrals) are probably from bots or the like.

So, if you’re out there and are a real person, please just add a comment. Even just a single word. Even just a single letter.

No comment

We’re about a week into this adventure and so far I’ve had one like and one follow. How about a comment?

Is it too ambitious to aim for a record breaking fifteen plus visitors and a comment on the same day?

Heck, what am I doing in this game if I’m not prepared for my reach exceed my grasp?

Go on, internet. Comment.

Day of the blog

As you may be aware, I’m trying to drum up interest in my book.  To do that, I have to go against the grain and try to drum up interest in myself.  That’s what I’ doing here.

I’m going to try to break my recently set daily record of fourteen visitors.  The day of that record  was coincident with my largest number of posts per day, so I’m going to go post-crazy today to see if that has an effect.

Desperate?  You betcha.

But what the jiminy, here goes nothing.

Stand by for more . . .

Parker out.