Gavin E Parker – Exclusive Interview

Interview Still

Who would ever want to interview an unknown author?  Nobody!  With that in mind I thought I’d interview myself, so a couple of weeks back a wrote a script and set about shooting it.  Unfortunately, my delivery was very stilted and the sound was terrible, so (with the exception of the screengrab above) the video will never see the light of day.

I cut a few corners too (that’s how the sound ended up so bad), and the end result didn’t have the same feel as what I’d written.  I thought, ‘Ho-hum,’ and moved on.

Then it occurred to me the other day that the script does capture exactly what I wanted to say, so to that end I’m sharing it with you here:

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Let’s go to the football

A break from writing and proofing today. I’m taking the kids to the football, Arsenal vs Wolfsburg at the Emirates.

We’re not big football fans but we do have a vague interest in Arsenal. My dad was a big fan, and there are historic connections between Arsenal and Margate, our hometown.

The Emirates Cup is looked down on by the hardcore fans. It’s a silly preseason micro-tournament of no import whatsoever, but that’s what we like about it. There’s a carnival atmosphere and it makes for a fun day out.

The only time we’ve been when the vibe was anything other than chilled and fun was in 2013 when Arsenal were beaten 1-2 by Galatasaray. It was fine in the stadium but after, when we were queuing for the tube station, the Galatasaray fans were marched passed us with a mounted police escort, ensuring they had no access to us. They were chanting ‘We are best of Arsenal’ and looking anything but friendly. It did occur to me to lead a chant in retort, ‘We are best of grammar,’ but in the interest of public order I let it go.